Classical Music Reimagined

Classical Music Reimagined

Explore a new world of Classical music with host Janet Chow, as she unpacks the history, diversity, and evolution within the industry.

Welcome to “Classical Music Reimagined,” where host Janet Chow takes you on a journey to break down barriers and redefine classical music for a new generation. This podcast is a celebration of diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in the world of classical music.

What is Classical Music?

Janet Chow talks with guests Skip Dillard and Carly York to explore the question, What is Classical Music? Listeners are invited to discover the richness and diversity of classical music.

Langs Performance of Mozart Piano Sonata No.16 in C Major, Sonata Facile:

Evolution of Classical Music History

Janet Chow talks with guests Skip Dillard, Jamie Freedman, and Carly York to delve into the evolution of classical music history and its evolution. This panel shares insights on the styles, demographics, and efforts to engage younger audiences.

The African Concert Series

Janet Chow interviews London-based pianist, Rebeca Omordia about her work with the African Concert Series. This episode unveils the impact of the African Concert Series, attracting diverse audiences and fostering an appreciation for the fusion of Western classical traditions with the rich tapestry of African musical influences.

Composer Diversity Database

Janet Chow interviews Rob Deemer, the creator of the Composer Diversity Database. The database highlights the underrepresented composers and empowers educators and performers to diversify classical music programming.

Classical Music with Streaming

Janet Chow interviews Jamie Freedman, a classical music programmer at Pandora. This podcast explores the challenges in classical music programming, the importance of diversity in representation, and stories of overlooked composers.

Classical Music at Radio Stations

Janet Chow interviews Kate Remington, Music Director and Classical Music Program Host at WSHU Public Radio.

Classical Music on the Main Stage

Janet Chow talks to guests Natasha Nelson, a classical vocalist, and Jessica Park, a violinist about their journeys in classical music.

Song played by the quintet is Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto in G Minor, RV 157: I. Allegro.

Host’s Note: There was a modification to the last question during the interview. Although the question evolved, Natasha provided an insightful and relevant response that still captures the essence of our discussion. We appreciate her flexibility and hope you enjoy the valuable insights shared in this episode.

Carnegie Hall Family Programs

Janet Chow explores programs offered at Carnegie Hall for children to learn classical music with Joanna Massey, the director of Learning and Engagement Programs.

Sphinx Organization

Janet Chow explores learning programs offered at the Sphinx Organization, based in Detroit, Michigan, with Ana Abrantes, the director of Education at the Sphinx Organization.

American Classical Orchestra

Janet Chow explores the accessibility of classical music for children with guests Tom Crawford and Carly York from the American Classical Orchestra.

The Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra

Janet Chow talks with guest conductor, Anthony Parnther, and executive director, Alan Kay about diverse programming at Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra. The podcast will explore the department’s efforts to push for a future where classical music embraces a more inclusive audience.

A Final Note

Janet Chow reflects on the journey through the diversity of classical music. Addressing challenges of inclusivity, she highlights efforts to break down barriers and make classical music more accessible and diverse.

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